Je bekijkt nu PDF versies van Astronomie Boeken

PDF versies van Astronomie Boeken

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Ik had zelf al enkele PDF versies gevonden online, maar onlangs kon ik een DVD set kopen met 240 PDF versies van met name Engelse Astronomie boeken. Op zich staat alles op Google Books, maar zo voelt het nog een beetje ‘voor de heb’…

XXXXXXXXXXXXTitel van het boek (in PDF format) Overzicht is mooier op Desktop
1715The elements of astronomy, physical and geometrical by D. Gregory (1715) 
1734Time’s telescope universal and perpetual, fitted for all countries and capacities by D. Campbell (1734) 
1752Astronomical tables with precepts, both in English and Latin, for computing the places of the sun, moon, planets, and comets by E. Halley (1752) 
1797A compendious system of astronomy by M. Bryan (1797) 
1803A treatise on astronomy, in which the elements of the science are deduced in a natural order by O. Gregory (1803) 
1806Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton’s Principles by J. Ferguson (1806) 
1811A set of astronomical tables for … 1780, 1781, 1782, and 1783 by T White (1811) 
1816The elements of astronomy by S. Vince (1816) 
1821The first three sections of Newton’s Principia by I. Newton (1821) 
1822An introduction to astronomy in a series of letters by J. Bonnycastle (1822) 
1828A popular exposition of the system of the universe, with plates and tables by F Hassler (1828) 
1828Elements of astronomy by J. H. Wilkins (1828) 
1832The planetarium and astronomical calculator by T. Ostrander (1832) 
1833Historical Account Of The Origin And Progress Of Astronomy by J. Narrien (1833) 
1836A treatise on astronomy by Herschel, John (1836) 
1837The universe and the stars, being an original theory on the visible creation, founded on the laws of nature by T. Wright (1837) 
1837The wonders of the heavens by D. Bradford (1837) 
1839An introduction to astronomy by D. Olmsted (1839) 
1840Letters on astronomy by D. Olmsted (1840) 
1840The elements of the theory of astronomy by J. Hymers (1840) 
1841Astronomy for schools; upon the basis of Mons. Arago’s lectures at the Royal observatory of Paris by F Arago 1841 
1843A new system of astronomy, in question and A Clark (1843) 
1844A cycle of celestial objects  for the use of naval, military, and private astronomers Vol. 1 by W. H. Smyth (1844) 
1844A cycle of celestial objects  for the use of naval, military, and private astronomers Vol. 2 by W. H. Smyth (1844) 
1846Thoughts on some important points relating to the System of the world by J. P. Nichol (1846) 
1847The young astronomer; or, The facts developed by modern astronomy by J Abbott (1847) 
1848The planetary and stellar worlds – a popular exposition of the great discoveries and theories of modern astronomy by O. M. Mitchel (1848) 
1849The stars and the earth by F. Eberty (1849) 
1850A compendium of astronomy; containing the elements of the science, familiarly explained and illustrated by D. Olmsted (1850) 
1850A treatise on the principal fixed stars and constellations, with maps, illustrative of them as seen in the four seasons by H. Whitall (1850) 
1850Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory Catalogue of 23,521 Stars For the Equinox 1850 
1852An elementary treatise on astronomy by W. A. Norton (1852) 
1852History of physical astronomy, from the earliest ages to the middle of the 19th century by R. Grant (1852) 
1852An elementary treatise on physical astronomy by R. Woodhouse 
1853A high-school astronomy in which the descriptive, physical, and practical are combined by H Mattison (1853) 
1854Astronography, or, Astronomical geography by E. Willard (1854) 
1854Lectures on astronomy  delivered at King’s College, London by H Moseley 1854 
1855Smith’s Illustrated astronomy by A. Smith (1855) 
1856The geography of the heavens, and class-book of astronomy accompanied by a celestial atlas by E. H. Burrit (1856) 
1856The mechanism of the heavens, or, familiar illustrations of astronomy by D. Olmsted (1856) 
1857A treatise on astronomy descriptive, theoretical and physical by H Robinson (1857) 
1857Extracts from Greenwich observations, 1855 (1857) 
1860Cosmology by S. Clark (1860) 
1862An historical survey of the astronomy of the ancients by G. C. Lewis (1862) 
1862The common sights in the heavens by A. W. Drayson (1862) 
1863Practical and spherical astronomy by R. Main (1863) 
1864Guy’s Elements of astronomy by J. Guy (1864) 
1864The Astronomical register by F Levander (1864) 
1866Uranography and practical astronomy, designed for private students by L. Lillard (1866) 
1867A primary astronomy for schools and families by H Mattison (1867) 
1867A treatise on astronomy, spherical and physical; with astronomical problems, and solar, lunar, and other astronomical tables by W. A. Norton (1867) 
1867The correlation and conservation of gravitation and heat, and some of the effects of these forces on the solar system by E. Chapin (1867) 
1867The heavens; an illustrated handbook of popular astronomy by A. Guillemin (1867) 
1868A new manual of the elements of astronomy, descriptive and mathematical by H. Kiddle (1868) 
1868A new resolution of the diameters and distances of the heavenly bodies by common arithmetic by W. I. Loomis (1868) 
1868Elements of astronomy by J. Davis (1868) 
1868Elements of astronomy by W. J. Rolfe (1868) 
1869Astronomy without mathematics by E. B. Grimthorpe (1869) 
1869The telescope by M. P. Ward (1869) 
1870The marvels of the heavens by C. Flammarion (1870) 
1871A short course in astronomy and the use of the globes by H. Kiddle (1871) 
1871Star-studies. What we know of the universe outside the earth by E. Colbert (1871) 
1871The great facts of modern astronomy by W. S. Henson (1871) 
1872The elements of theoretical and descriptive astronomy, for the use of colleges and academies by C White (1872) 
1873Half-hours with the telescope; being a popular guide to the use of the telescope as a means of amusement and instruction by R. A. Proctor (1873) 
1873Introduction to astronomy by J. I. Plummer (1873) 
1873Tables of instrumental constants and corrections for the reduction of transit observations made at the U. S. Naval Observatory by J. R. Eastman (1873) 
1873The romance of astronomy by R. K. Miller (1873) 
1873The unity of the physical world by A Winchell (1873) 
1873Atlas voor de sterrenkunde1873.pdf
1874Electro astronomical atlas … with explanatory notes, questions and answers by J. W. Spoor (1874) 
1874I dialoghi di Galileo Galilei sui massimi sistemi tolemaico e copernicano  – volume unico by G. Galilei (1874) 
1875Elements of astronomy by N. Lockyer (1875) 
1877Astronomical myths  by J. F. Blake (1877) 
1877Myths and marvels of astronomy by R. A. Proctor (1877) 
1877The science of astronomy by A. K. Bartlett (1877) 
1878Astronomy by J. P. Rambosson (1878) 
1878Astronomy by R. S. Ball (1878) 
1878How to find the stars, with indications of the most interesting objects in the starry heavens, and an account of the astronomical lantern and its use by J. F. Clarke (1878) 
1878The new idea of astronomy and the sight of the eye by D. W. Hunt (1878) 
1879Astronomy for schools and colleges by S. Newcomb (1879) 
1879Flowers of the sky by R. A. Proctor (1879) 
1879The stars and constellations; how and when to find and tell them by W. H. Rosser (1879) 
1880The sidereal messenger of Galileo Galilei (1880) 
1880The sidereal messenger of Galileo Galilei and a part of the preface to Kepler’s Dioptrics containing the original account of Galileo’s astronomical discoveries by G. Galilei (1880) 
1881A theorem on planetary motion; or, Sunshine and shadow by C. Roberts (1881) 
1881Studies in astronomy by A. K. Bartlett (1881) 
1881The young folks’ astronomy by J. D. Champlin (1881) 
1882Astronomy by W. H. M. Christie (1882) 
1882Astronomy for schools and general readers by S Sharpless (1882) 
1882Popular astronomy by S. Newcomb (1882) 
1882The earth as a cosmical system by R. Curry (1882) 
1882The heavens above – a popular handbook of astronomy by G. A. Gillet (1882) 
1882The Trouvelot astronomical drawings manual by E. L. Trouvelot (1882) 
1883Astronomy by S. Newcomb (1883) 
1883Bridging the skies by T Timby 1883 
1883Mysteries of time and space by R. A. Proctor (1883) 
1883Trait├ę d’astronomie pratique par A. Souchon (1883) 
1884Astronomy by J. N. Lockyer (1884) 
1884Elements of astronomy by S. H. Peabody (1884) 
1884Gravitation; an elementary explanation of the principal perturbations in the solar system by G. B. Airey (1884) 
1884Machinery of the heavens – a system of physical astronomy by A. P. Pichereau (1884) 
1884The story of the stars. New descriptive astronomy by J. D. Steele (1884) 
1885Astronomy for beginners in thirty-two lessons by F. Fellowes (1885) 
1886Astronomy by observation by E. A. Bowen (1886) 
1886Recreations in astronomy by H. W. Warren (1886) 
1886The star-guide by L. Clark (1886) 
1887Gravitation the determining force by E. S. Chapin (1887) 
1888Easy star lessons by R. A. Proctor (1888) 
1888Planetary and stellar studies – the planets, stars, and nebulae by J. E. Gore (1888) 
1888The sun by C Young (1888) 
1889A Handbook of descriptive and practical astronomy Vol. 1 by G. F. Chambers (1889) 
1889A Handbook of descriptive and practical astronomy Vol. 2 by G. F. Chambers (1889) 
1889A Handbook of descriptive and practical astronomy Vol. 3 by G. F. Chambers (1889) 
1889Astronomy, new and old by M Brennan (1889) 
1889Astronomy, new and old by M. S. Brennan (1889) 
1889Celestial motions, a handy book of astronomy by W. T. Lynn (1889) 
1889Stellar evolution, and its relation to geological time by J. Croll (1889) 
1889The expanse of Heaven; a series of essays on the wonders of the firmament by R. A. Proctor (1889) 
1889The new astronomy by S. P. Langley (1889) 
1890Astronomy with an opera glass – a popular introduction to the study of the starry heavens with the simplest of optical instruments  by G. P. Serviss (1890) 
1890Elements of astronomy by C. A. Young (1890) 
1891A Manual Of Spherical And Practical Astronomy Vol. 2 by W. Chauvenet (1891) 
1891A popular handbook and atlas of astronomy, designed as a complete guide to a knowledge of the heavenly bodies and as an aid to those possessing telescopes by W. Peck (1891) 
1891A trip to the moon. (From the earth to the moon) by Meyer (1891) 
1891Star groups – a student’s guide to the constellations by J. E. Gore (1891) 
1891The story of the heavens by R. S. Ball (1891) 
1891The young astronomer; or, Helps to a knowledge of the leading constellations – J Carlisle 1891 
1892Astronomy and astro-physics by W Payne (1892) 
1892Poole bros’ Celestial handbook by J. A. Colas (1892) 
1892The great centre an astronomical study by J. C. Hamilton (1892) 
1893A popular history of astronomy during the nineteenth century by A. M. Clerke (1893) 
1893Celestial objects for common telescopes Vol. 1 by T. W. Webb (1893) 
1893Celestial objects for common telescopes Vol. 2 by T. W. Webb (1893) 
1893Elementary mathematical astronomy by C. W. Barlow (1893) 
1893Method of finding the true cause of the acceleration and retardment of the eclipses of Jupiter’s satellites by J Norcross (1893) 
1893Sky wonders by W. W. Rammsay (1893) 
1894The amateur telescopist’s handbook by F. M. Gibson (1894) 
1894The starry skies. or, First lessons on the sun, moon and stars by A Giberne (1894) 
1894The worlds of space; a series of popular articles on astonomical subjects by J. E. Gore (1894) 
1895Great astronomers by R. S. Ball (1895) 
1895Notes on the nebular theory in relation to stellar, solar, planetary, cometary, and geological phenomena by W. F. Stanley (1895) 
1895World making. A scientific explanation of the birth, growth and death of worlds by S Leland 1895 
1896A study of the sky by H. A.Howe (1896) 
1896The pith of astronomy (without mathematics); the latest facts and figures as developed by the giant telescopes by S. G. Bayne (1896) 
1896The stars of God by E Burr (1896) 
1897A new astronomy by D. P. Todd (1897) 
1897Elements of descriptive astronomy by H. A. Howe (1897) 
1899A short history of astronomy by A. Berry (1899) 
1899Elementary astronomy; a beginner’s text-book by E. S. Holden (1899) 
1899Elementary lessons in astronomy by J. N. Lockyer (1889) 
1899Recent adventures in astronomy by A. H. Fison (1899) 
1899Researches into the origin of the primitive constellations of the Greeks, Phoenicians and Babylonians Vol. 1 by R. Brown (1899) 
1899Researches into the origin of the primitive constellations of the Greeks, Phoenicians and Babylonians Vol. 2 by R. Brown (1899) 
1899Star-land; being talks with young people about the wonders of the heavens by R. S. Ball (1899) 
1899Star-names and their meanings by R. H. Allen (1899) 
1899The Indian eclipse, 1898 by E Maunder (1899) 
1899The teaching of astronomy in the primary and secondary schools and in the university by E Holden (1899) 
1900Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory – Transit Circel Observations Sun,Moon, Planets (1900) 
1900The Royal Observatory, Greenwich; a glance at its history and work by E Maunder (1900) 
1901Elements of theoretical and descriptive astronomy by C. J. White (1901) 
1901Laboratory astronomy by R. W. Willson (1901) 
1901Pleasures of the telescope by G. P. Serviss (1901) 
1901Stars and telescopes by D. P. Todd (1901) 
1901The amateur astronomer by G. Riegler (1910) 
1901The romance of the heavens by A. W. Bickerton (1901) 
1901The total solar eclipse, 1900 by E Maunder (1901) 
1902Astronomy for Everybody by S Newcomb (1902) 
1902Astronomy for everybody; a popular exposition of the wonders of the heavens by S. Newcomb (1902) 
1902Manual of astronomy by C. A. Young (1902) 
1902Outlines astronomy by J. F. W. Herschel (1902) 
1902Practical talks by an astronomer by H. Jacoby (1902) 
1902Star-gazer’s hand-book; a brief guide for amateur students of astronomy by H. W. Elson (1902) 
1903A text-book of astronomy by G. C. Comstock (1903) 
1903Ancient calendars and constellations by E. M. Plunket (1903) 
1903Lessons in astronomy, including uranography; a brief introductory course without mathematics by C. A. Young (1903) 
1903Our own and other worlds by J. Hamilton (1903) 
1903The stellar heavens, an introduction to the study of the stars and nebulae by J. E. Gore (1903) 
1904Astronomical discovery by H. H. Turner (1904) 
1904Astronomy for amateurs by C. Flammarion (1904) 
1904Astronomy without a telescope; a guide to the constellations, and introduction to the study of the heavens with the unassisted sight by E. W. Maunder (1904) 
1904How to know the starry heavens by E Irving (1904) 
1905A popular guide to the heavens by R. S. Ball (1905) 
1905Other worlds than ours by R Proctor (1905) 
1906A century’s progress in astronomy by H. Macpherson (1906) 
1906New theories in astronomy by W. Stirling (1906) 
1907Astronomical essays, historical and descriptive by J. E. Gore (1907) 
1907A field book of the stars by W. T. Olcott 
1908A treatise on spherical astronomy by R. S. Ball (1908) 
1908Astronomy with the naked eye; a new geography of the heavens, with descriptions and charts of constellations, stars, and planets by G. P. Serviss (1908) 
1908The Astronomical journal Oct 1905 to January 1908 (1908) 
1908The astronomy of the Bible; an elementary commentary on the astronomical references of Holy Scripture by E Maunder (1908) 
1908The heavens and their story by A. Maunder (1908) 
1908Through the depths of space, a primer of astronomy by H. C. Macpherson (1908) 
1909Astronomy from a dipper by E. C. Clarke (1909) 
1909Astronomy of to-day; a popular introduction in non-technical language by C. G. Dolmage (1909) 
1909Curiosities of the sky, a popular presentation of the great riddles and mysteries of astronomy by G. P. Serviss (1909) 
1909History of astronomy by G. Forbes (1909) 
1909In starland with a three-inch telescope; a conveniently arranged guide for the use of the amateur astronomer by W. T. Olcott (1909) 
1909The earth’s beginning by R. S. Ball (1909) 
1909The scientific papers of Sir William Huggins by W. Huggins (1909) 
1909The stars by G. F. Chambers (1909) 
1910An easy guide to the constellations with a miniature atlas of the stars by J. Gall (1910) 
1910In the high heavens by R. S. Ball (1910) 
1910Round the year with the stars, the chief beauties of the starry heavens as seen with the naked eye by G. P. Serviss (1910) 
1910The elements of astronomy principally on the mechanical side, intended for engineering students by N Dupuis (1910) 
1911Astronomy by A. R. Hinks 
1911Astronomy for all by B. H. Burgel 
1911Star lore of all ages; a collection of myths, legends, and facts concerning the constellations of the Northern hemisphere by W. T. Olcott 
1911The Road map of the stars by A. R. Parsons 
1911The romance of modern astronomy, describing in simple but exact language the wonders of the heavens by H. Macpherson 
1912Origin of architectural design; or, The archaeology of astronomy by L. H. McCoy (1912) 
1912The science of the stars by E. W. Maunder (1912) 
1912A beginner’s star-book; an easy guide to the stars and to the astronomical uses of the opera-glass, the field-glass and the telescope by E. G. Murphy  
1912Astronomy in a nutshell, the chief facts and principles explained in popular language by G. P. Serviss 
1912Descriptive astronomy; an elementary exposition of the facts, principles, and theories of astronomical science by F. R. Moulton 
1912Practical astronomy with the unaided eye by H. Macpherson 
1913Sterrenkunde 1913.pdf
1913Astronomy – a popular handbook by H. Jacoby 
1913First observations in astronomy by M. E. Byrd 
1914The essence of astronomy; things every one should know about the sun, moon, and stars by E. W. Price 
1915The family celestial by M. A. Shuler 
1916An introduction to astronomy by F. R. Moulton 
1917Astronomy – Determination of time, longitude, latitude, and azimuth by W. Bowie  
1917From nebula to nebula by G. H. Lepper 
1917Uranography, a brief description of the constellations visible in the United States – with star-maps and lists of objects observable with a small telescope by C. A. Young 
1918Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory – Results Observations Six-Inch Transit circle 1909-1918 
1918An introductory treatise on dynamical astronomy by H. C. Plummer 
1918Astronomy, a handy manual for students and others by F. W. Dyson 
1919Some problems of sidereal astronomy by H. N. Russell 
1919Splendors of the sky by I. M. Lewis 
1919The Adolfo Stahl lectures in astronomy by The Astronomical Society of The Pacific 
1919The call of the stars by J. R. Kippax 
1919The elements of astronomy for surveyors by R. W. Chapman 
1919The elements of descriptive astronomy by E. O. Tancock 
1920The book of stars by A. F. Collins 
1920The mathematics of the sky by C. J. Burton 
1921The elements of astronomy by D. N. Mallik 
1921The star people by G. Johnson 
1921The witness of the stars by E. W. Bullinger 
1922Astronomy; the science of the heavenly bodies by D. P. Todd 
1922Histoire de l’astronomie par E. L. Doublet 
1922The new heavens by G. E. Hale 
1923Hutchinson’s Splendour of the heavens; a popular authoritative astronomy Vol. 1 by T. Phillips 
1923Hutchinson’s Splendour of the heavens; a popular authoritative astronomy Vol. 2 by T. Phillips 
1938Kepler GW 01 002334737.pdf
1939Kepler GW 02 002334738.pdf
1940Kepler GW 06 002334742.pdf
1941Kepler GW 04 005353411.pdf
1945Kepler GW 13 002334747.pdf
1949Kepler GW 14 002334748.pdf
1951Kepler GW 15 002334749.pdf
1953Kepler GW 05 002334741.pdf
1954Kepler GW 16 002334750.pdf
1955Kepler GW 17 002334751.pdf
1959Kepler GW 18 002334752.pdf
1960Kepler GW 09 002334745.pdf
1963Kepler GW 08 002334744.pdf
1969Kepler GW 10 002334746.pdf
1975Kepler GW 19 002334753.pdf
1983Kepler GW 11-1 000174253.pdf
1988Kepler GW 20-1 000841436.pdf
1990Kepler GW 03 002334739.pdf
1990Kepler GW 12 004240340.pdf
1991Kepler GW 07 002334743.pdf
1993Kepler GW 11-2 008831995.pdf
1998Kepler GW 20-2 012171244.pdf
2002Kepler GW 21-1 014727294.pdf
2009Kepler GW 21-2-1 035836814.pdf
2009Kepler GW 21-2-2 035836866.pdf
3000Popular astronomy; a review of astronomy and allied sciences by W Payne 
3000Popular astronomy; a review of astronomy and allied sciences by W Payne 
3000Popular astronomy; a review of astronomy and allied sciences by W Payne 
3000Publications of the David Dunlap Observatory – University of Toronto Vol. 1 
3000Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory Observations with the Six-Inch transit circle 
3000Sir William Huggins and spectroscopic astronomy by E Maunder 
3000The astronomical observatory of Harvard College Circulars 151 to 200 
3000The book of stars for young people by G Mitton